Ensemble Recorder Group Classes for Intermediate and Advanced Players

Recorder Players West (RPW) provides ensemble recorder playing group classes for the greater Los Angeles area. Group recorder classes are held twice a year in the spring and fall. Each spring and fall session has an intermediate and advanced class. The classes meet weekly for nine weeks. Although public performances are occasionally held, they are not the focus of the classes. Instead, the group classes provide you a safe and nurturing environment to improve your ensemble playing skills, and your individual recorder performance and style. If you have more than one recorder, they also provide you the opportunity to improve your playing skills using any of your instruments. It is also possible to enroll in both the intermediate and the advanced classes if your skill level is different for your different recorders.

Group classes are taught by Inga Funck, an internationally recognized recorder soloist and ensemble player. Music is varied and interesting. It is selected from a wide variety of genres with special emphasis on Renaissance and Baroque music.

RPW members are fun, friendly, enthusiastic, and will welcome you with open arms. There is always time for socialization during class breaks and there is always a celebratory party at the end of each session.

Come and Join the Fun!